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Sound Affects I

Sound Affects I: a Virtual Workshop

On 23rd and 24th April, we met online for the first part of our final workshop. The second part, a face-to-face meeting, will take place at the University of York at a later date.

Update: due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, the second workshop will also take place online.

Disability and Devotion

Dr Barbara Eichner (Oxford Brookes), ‘Infirm Singers and Dyslexic Nuns: Negotiating Disability in Early Modern German Nunneries and Monasteries’

Dr Rosamund Oates (Manchester Metropolitan), ‘Speaking in Hands: Deafness and Salvation in Early Modern England’

Respondent: Dr Emilie Murphy (York)

Acoustic Heritage and Hearing Archives

Dr Mariana Lopez (York) ‘Heritage Soundscapes: Sound Design, Research and Evocation in Heritage Experiences’

Dr Elma Brenner (Wellcome Collection), ‘Hearing the Voice of Cardinal Georges d’Amboise in a Letter of 1507’

Respondent: Dr Rachel Willie (LJMU)


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We are grateful to the Society for Renaissance Studies for supporting this event.

Image: detail from coloured engraving by J. Emslie after himself, Acoustics: sonic phenomena and musical instruments, 1850. Credit: Wellcome Collection Creative Commons License

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