Call for papers

Please note: the call for papers has now closed.

We invite abstracts of 200-250 words for individual papers of twenty minutes, or of up to 850 words for panels comprising no more than three papers. In addition to the conventional panel sessions, we are also keen to explore other forms of presenting scholarly research. These might include pre-circulated papers for discussion in a seminar group, workshops and roundtables. If you would like to propose a session in an alternative format that will not last more than ninety minutes, please submit an outline of up to 600 words and include a list of all speakers. The deadline for submissions is 20th December 2019.

Topics might include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Acoustemology
  • Architecture
  • Archives of sound
  • Archaeoacoustics
  • Body and mind
  • Colonial encounters and global perspectives
  • Communication and miscommunication
  • Consonance and dissonance
  • Disability
  • Emotions and the senses
  • Forbidden or restricted sounds
  • Hearing and listening
  • ‘Incidental’ and ‘organised’ sound and space
  • Matter, materiality and the unreal
  • Medicine and sound
  • Modelling sonic environments
  • The natural world
  • Oral and literate cultures
  • Performance culture
  • The phenomenology of sound
  • Psychoacoustics
  • Reconstructing historic soundscapes
  • Religion, devotion and conversion
  • Remembering and forgetting sounds
  • Sound and social agency
  • Science and sound
  • Synaesthesia
  • Time
  • Visual culture
  • Voice

Image: Kircher, A., "Phonurgia nova...", eavesdropping. Credit: Wellcome Collection. Creative Commons License

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