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Sound Affects II

8-9 APRIL 2021

A[nother] Virtual Workshop

Zoom links will be circulated after registration. Please register here no later than Tuesday 6 April.


Thursday 8 April

10.00-11.15 Panel 1: Historic Sound and its Contemporary Reconstruction

Chair: Mariana Lopez (York)

James Cook (Edinburgh): Hearing Historic Scotland: Experiments in VR Performance Reconstruction

Andy Popperwell: From Essex to St Kitts: Forgotten Voices of the Eighteenth Century

Laura Wright (Oxford): Digital Echoes: Malfi’s Uncanny Soundscape

11.30-12.15: Coffee Break 1 (small groups on Zoom)

12.15-12.45: Lunch (independent)

12.45-14.15: The Future of Soundscape Studies Roundtable Part 1

Chair: Emilie Murphy (York)

Shirley Bell (Sheffield Hallam): Music in Caroline Drama
Chris Barnes (Birmingham): Bristol’s Early-Stuart Organs: Harmonious and Discordant Communal Responses to Episcopal Coercion
Josh Caldicott (Nottingham): Audiences and the Theatre Soundscape
Alessia Frescura (Liverpool): Emotions and neighbours’ sounds in wooden buildings
Emily Rowe (Newcastle): Thwick-a-thwack: The sound of metals in early modern London
Renée Vulto (Ghent): The Soundscape of a Revolution: Song and music in the celebrations of the Batavian Revolution (1795)

14.15-14.45: Coffee Break 2 (small groups on Zoom)

14.45-15.00: Break (independent)

15.00-16.15 Panel 2: Early Modern Sound and Emotion

Chair: David R. M. Irving (ICREA & IMF-CSIC, Barcelona)

Nathan Hood (Edinburgh): Aristotle's Politics, Bawdy Ballads, and a Melodic Catechism: The Affective Power of Music in James Melville's Spirituall Propine

Jennifer Linhart Wood (Folger): Special Effects/Affects: The Music of the Spheres in the Early Modern Theatre

Friday 9 April

10.00-11.15 Panel 3: Sound and Race: Hearing Environments

Chair: Katherine Butler Schofield (King’s College London)

Wayne Weaver (Cambridge): Musical Performance Commentaries and the Creation of “Race”: Hearing and Listening in Early Modern Kingston, Jamaica

Una McIlvenna (Melbourne): Hearing the News Being Sung in the Early Modern Urban Environment

11.15-12.00 Coffee Break 3 (small groups on Zoom)

12.00-13.00 Lunch (Independent)

13.00-14.30: The Future of Soundscape Studies Roundtable Part 2

Chair: Emilie Murphy (York)

Josefine Baark (Warwick): 'If you desire quietude, you should not wind it up': Experimenting with the soundscape of the Qing Court
Deyasini Dasgupta (Syracuse): Sonic Acoustemology: Identifying Alterity in Spenser's The Faerie Queene
Elisabeth Lutteman (Uppsala): Stage Songs, Action and Interaction
Jenni Hyde (Lancaster): Music for Queen Mary's wedding ballad?
Stephanie Shirilan (Syracuse): Paronomasia, Linguistic Echo and Affective “Surround Sound” in Shakespeare
Ellie Sutton (Birmingham): 'The Wiving Age': Sex and Satire in Seventeenth-century English Broadside Ballads

1430-15.00 Break (Independent)

15.00-16.30: Soundscapes Seminar

Tess Knighton (ICREA-Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), How processions moved: emotional discourses in civic ceremony in early-modern Europe
Chair: Rachel Willie (LJMU)

There will be a 5 minute break after the seminar to refresh ourselves with whatever tipple suits our time-zone prior to the Q&A. It would be lovely if you’d like to join us to inaugurate what will become our regular Soundscapes in the Early Modern World seminar series, which will meet virtually three times a year.

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