At Last, the Leopards

Over the last few years, the soundscapes network has been working with Speke Hall, a National Trust property on the outskirts of Liverpool that was built by the Catholic Norris family in the sixteenth century. The acoustic space of the building connects to the Norris family’s faith: you can read my previous post about the…

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‘The common folk… live on songs’: Reflections on Hilary Mantel’s Mirror and the Light.

‘The common folk… live on songs’: Reflections on Hilary Mantel’s Mirror and the Light. In this blog, I wanted to share some of my musings on the role of song in Hilary Mantel’s Mirror and the Light, which I chatted about earlier this Summer as part of ‘Cardiff BookTalk’. For anyone that would prefer to…

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Sound and Race

Roundtable discussion given at the Soundscapes in the Early Modern World conference, 5-9 July 2021. Speakers: Nandini Das Sarah Dustagheer Katherine Butler Schofield Jennifer Lynn Stoever Wayne Weaver

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Sound at RSA Virtual 2021

In this blog I want to draw attention to all of the fascinating research on early modern sound that is currently available for attendees of Virtual RSA to listen to until 23 May 2021. (I was making a version of this for myself and I thought I’d share it with you all as well! Happy…

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Tess Knighton: How Processions Moved

  Tess Knighton (ICREA-Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), ‘How processions moved: emotional discourses in civic ceremony in early modern Europe’. Chair: Rachel Willie (LJMU)   Feature image: ‘Saint Agnes’ (one of a pair) mid-16th century, possibly by Diego de Tiedrac 

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Cathedral Acoustics in Early Modern England: Exploring and Recreating the Sounds of the Past

‘Close your eyes, it’s the 17th century and you are awaiting a sermon at the York Minster. Who is speaking? How are they speaking? What are they saying? What does it sound like? What sounds can you hear in the background? These are some of the questions that the field of historical soundscapes studies reflects…

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